All of 4 is a dental treatment offered by Cathedral Dental Clinic. It is effectively a dental implant procedure to replace traditional dentures.

Who is it for?

The All-on-4 dental implant option is a permanent solution to dentures. The implants themselves are secured directly into your own jaw through four fixed points. As they are fixed, they will look, feel and function like natural teeth.


If you currently have dentures that you are not happy with the all-on-4 option maybe for you. Due to the permanent nature of these implants, you may find that the benefits will appeal to you.

  1. They will not need taking out every night to clean
  2. They will not slip and cause embarrassment in public
  3. You will not need to buy adhesive
  4. You can enjoy the foods you want to eat instead of having to stick to the ones that your dentures can handle
  5. ALL on 4 will feel more comfortable as they don’t cover the roof of your mouth
  6. All on 4 will also help preserve the strength of your jaw bone as it is being more actively used with fixed implants

If you are feeling fed up of your dentures and are looking for a more robust permanent solution then the ALL-ON-4 dental implant could be for you.

To find out whether you are a suitable candidate for ALL-ON-4 then please contact the clinic on 029 2038 2671