The ridge, medically known as the alveolar ridge bone is a special type of bone surrounding and supporting your teeth. When a tooth has been extracted or lost for any reason, this bone begins to deteriorate. It can also lose its density due to natural breakdown from age and or from disease and infection.

Ridge splitting is performed when the ridge or jaw is not wide or high enough to support any implants. The bony ridge of the jaw is increased by splitting the bone and spreading it apart with surgical instruments. This creates a space between the divided sections of bone that can be filled with bone graft material and when allowed to heal it results in a wider ridge suitable for implant placement.
Depending on the situation, single or multiple implants can be placed simultaneously during the ridge splitting procedure.

At Cathedral Dental Clinic, our experienced Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon will discuss the ridge splitting procedure with you along with other effective treatment options allowing bone regeneration.