A precision attachment denture is a removable partial denture which can be a suitable alternative to a Dental Implant Denture and traditional partial dentures. They are used for replacement of missing teeth without surgery such as implant placement, bone grafting or gum grafting.

A precision attachment denture is a suitable choice if:

  • You are not satisfied with comfort and functionality of a traditional partial denture
  • You are not suitable for dental implant treatment
  • You are seeking a more cost effective option to implant dentures
  • You are seeking improved treatment options for function, comfort and aesthetics

A precision attachment denture is secured by one crowned, adjacent tooth and it will not compromise any other healthy teeth.

Long term benefits of a precision attachment denture are:

  • Increased mouth function due to precision fit
  • Improved aesthetics with no clasps
  • Prevention of sores which can be caused by traditional dentures
  • Prevention of bone loss
Precision Attachment Denture

Precision Attachment Denture