Welcome to Cathedral Dental Clinic’s corporate page¬†for your employees. We are working actively together with your company to ensure your employee’s well being.

Cathedral Dental Clinic is an exclusive and proactive dental clinic in Cardiff offering state of the art dentistry at the highest level, ranging from general & cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and orthodontic treatments.

We are working with local companies enabling them to offer their valued employees this resource which is in line with maintaining a healthy and happy workforce.

Through our Corporate Oral Health Campaign we offer you:

  • Free immediate registration*
  • Free emergency appointments once registered and attending regularly* ‚Ästnormally¬†¬£45.00
  • Discounted private examinations* at ¬£25.00 – normally¬†¬£32.00
  • Discounted General private treatments similar to¬†NHS charges*
  • 10% discount on selected¬†Cosmetic¬†treatments*
  • 5% discount on Orthodontics,
  • 5% discount on¬†Prosthodontics,
  • 5% discount on Dental¬†Implant¬†restorations*
  • Quarterly discount vouchers*
  • Online booking

To further support you, when registered and attending regularly we will also offer:

  • Corporate benefits to your immediate family members*
  • Free examination and treatment of your children up to the age of 16*

The oral health campaign is funded solely by our clinic because we believe that there is a lack of impartial and comprehensive information available about NHS and private dentistry, affecting adult oral health.

Please feel free to browse our website or contact any member of our team for information and guidance.