At Cathedral Dental Clinic we offer a non surgical facelift to address the signs of facial ageing in a natural, non-invasive way. We will achieve this by customising a device such as Oralift which separates the teeth by an amount much greater than their usual resting position. This increases protein activity whilst building and maintaining muscle tone.


Oralift is a device designed to fit over your lower back teeth and looks similar to a small mouth guard. When it is worn your facial muscles are activated which assists in reversing the ‘ageing triangle’ of the lower face.

The benefits of non surgical facelift such as Oralift includes:

  • Reduced lines around the mouth and face
  • Increased fullness of the lips
  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Tightened and strengthened facial muscles
  • Strengthening and firming of the jaw line and neck