Cobalt Chrome Dentures, also known as Chrome Dentures, are custom made precision-crafted dentures made from a medically approved lightweight Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) alloy frame with incorporated acrylic gum and acrylic teeth for natural look.

These dentures are preferred for their rigidity, slim profile and lightweight design, offering a secure and comfortable fit for more confidence during speech and eating. They also transfer heat effectively, enhancing the eating experience.

Cobalt Chrom dentures are most used for partial or single tooth dentures and are secured into the mouth via metal clasps, attached to the framework, providing a robust grip.

Complete chrome cobalt dentures are uncommon as they usually require support from remaining natural teeth for a secure fit. Notably, these dentures are engineered for strength and durability, utilising Cobalt Chrome alloy, however patients with metal allergies may need to consider alternative solutions.

It is crucial to consult our team of dentists to determine the most suitable denture material for individual needs and circumstances.

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Cobalt Chrome Dentures

Cobalt Chrome Dentures